How on earth do I setup discord with my arctis 5 and it's chatmix dial xD?


So I have had these Arctis 5 wired headphones for almost 3 years now and they've been great...mostly. When I first got them the game/chat chatmix dial it comes with did not really work with discord. Turning the dial from one side to the other would either do nothing or turn down everything on my system, discord and games. (I could not tell you how I fixed it but) It then worked as intended one day; Turning down chat would mute my discord and leave game audio on and vice versa. Now recently my desk setup has changed and the wire for my headphones was not long enough to reach my pc so I ended up using the usb hub on my monitor instead (that cord was short and barley able to reach so I bought a longer usb type b cable for it but I digress). I don't know when exactly it stopped working again, since using the usb hub or since changing the usb type b cable from the monitor, who knows, but it doesn't work again and I have no idea how to fix it. Sorry for the long winded post but any help would be appreciated...for now I just have to have my friends at full volume while I suck at Apex.


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