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I need to return some products that are incompatible with my system, but i misplaced the receipt. I did find it in a trash can outdoors but parts of it are illegible. I see on the website that if you are a member of the insidecommunity, or whatever it's called, you don't need a receipt. I gave my email address, phone number and street address to the checker at the time of purchase. But when i logged into the system judy now,my email wasn't verified and it asked me to do so. I did,b ut apparently membership to that insider deal doesn't start until you verify your email, so there are no purchases showing for me.

Microcenter has go to have a copy of my receipt, but my question is if the receipt is nearly illegible (i can make out the total price i was charged and parts of the names of all four products, will Microcenter accept the returns. They are in their return packaging and all items are there. At least Iwasn't dumb enough to throw out the boxes!


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    Greeetings, we can look up your purchase in-store if you don't have the receipt. As long as the items are within the return period, you wouldn't have an issue returning them.

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