I need help fixing my ao open 27HC5R monitor

edited April 2022 in Monitors and Displays
So i bought this monitor around February, and I began to experience problems with it mid-March, and I haven’t been able to play on my pc since :(. The audio shut off completely and games (even low quality roblox games) are running very slow, specifically the frame rate. How can i fix it? :(


  • GoatForHire

    Are you sure these issues are with the monitor and not your settings in Windows or your games? Do you have speakers/headphones plugged in?

    If you want your sound to come out of the monitor (typically not good for gaming at all, in my opinion), you have to make sure it's your default sound device in Windows.

    The frame rate of games is typically dependent on your game settings, you can ensure your monitor's refresh rate is set correctly in Windows.

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