New Build, Suggestions Desired


First of all, I have never actually built a computer from scratch. I would not save I am a gamer, but I want the best bang for the buck, and not have to be worried about latency. I am afraid I have too much impatience and inexperience so I would probably pay the microcenter build fee to get my build done. Let's stick with a Ryzen 5600 processor, but other than that, let's hear it.


  • PracticalRob

    What are your plans, in general, for the computer if you're not really gaming? There are a few areas where you could save some money by downgrading if you're not worried about tons of storage or future upgrade options.

    For instance, the 850W PSU is much more than is needed by those components. 550W should power that system without issue.

    If you don't need a ton of storage, you could drop down to a 500GB m.2 nvme. Optionally, you could get a 250 GB m.2 nvme boot drive and a 500GB ssd. It's 250GB less, but still a lot for average use and would save some money.

    It really comes down to what you intend to do with the final build. The above changes would save enough money to cover the extra build cost.

  • Good points. I tend to try and future proof when I buy a computer so it typically serves me for 5 years or more. I know enough about specs that I get put out by prebuilt computers not usually being specific about the parts they used. So, by the time you go high end enough you end up spending as much or more than what I can have a computer build done for me. That way, I know what parts are used. I could change out parts if needed if something happens before the thing becomes obsolete.

    I do occasionally edit video and photos when needed. Other than that, I run a lot of spreadsheets, and I run quicken for my finances.

    I don't have to build or buy a new computer right now. My 5 year old build will only have to be replaced by the time Windows 10 support runs out, so I have a little over 3 years for that.

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