New desktop built by microcenter - windows screen glitching


Lian Li case, 12900k, evga 3080 12g, 64g ram, asrock steel legend with wifi, Windows 11 - see pics for problem - tried fresh install from recovery drive, switching cables and screens, checked that everything was tight in case. tried installing and rolling back drivers. Machine was working perfectly for about 3 weeks. I don't recall doing anything at the time this started happening, it just started. Any help would be appreciated. I did purchase support so am waiting on that, thought I would post - maybe someone has experienced similar. The black squares in the pics random appear all over the place. Machine seems to work fine with a few freezes, just the screen is soooo annoying I can't work. In bios, the screen is perfect, so assume its a Windows thing.


  • drewehart

    Update, you can tell I am new :) I plugged directly into asrock board and it looks perfect - not sure what that means, but Microcenter is on it and helping. BTW, the job they did with the build was excellent. I am guessing I did something wrong :)

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    We refer to this as artifacting. Generally you try a clean driver install, which you've covered with the clean OS install. Beyond that, it's generally a hardware failure of the GPU. The reason you're not seeing this when you connect to your motherboard, is you're running off of the intel 770 IGP instead of the RTX 3080. Also, the load on the GPU is minimal until the driver loads, which is why you're not seeing this in the BIOS. The store will work with you and get the faulty component replaced.

  • drewehart

    Great - glad to know what it is - will contact the store. Thanks,

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