PC Black screens and restarts immediately when I try to start a graphics intensive game


I built my PC back in 2018-19, and I've had barely any problems, and between 2021-22 I upgraded my CPU and GPU with no problems, I just more recently upgraded my AIO cooler. I don't think that its the one causing problems, but when I try to start a graphics intensive game like Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, etc. the computer just black screens (like it shut down) and then restarts. I checked the event viewer and it shows me an Event ID 41 Kernal power, and the error code values are zero. I then updated my bios, uninstalled and reinstalled the GPU drivers twice, and changed the power settings on my pc. Still nothing, idk what to do next, I contacted the EVGA support for if it might be a problem with my power supply and they recommended I check the +12v readings , and so I checked and they are in between the correct readings, they also recommended to give the PSU a dusting which I will probably do this weekend and a jump start test. Idk really what to do next after I dust it and jump test it and idk if it even is the PSU, so if anyone has any idea of what to do, please let me know.


Ryzen 7 5800x

EVGA Geforce GTX 1080 FTW

V-color 3000 mhz 2x8gb ram

Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi


Sata SSD

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 2 360

EVGA Supernova 850watt PSU G3


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