Helpful Keyboard Short Cuts on Mac (part 1)

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If you are coming from the world of Windows and are already comfortable with keyboard short cuts like Ctrl+C for Copy, Ctrl+V for Paste and Ctrl+X for Cut, then you’ll find that some keyboard short cuts in macOS are not far from what you are already used to. In fact, the Command key will likely be your next best friend. Sometimes it is on your keyboard simply as “cmd” or the icon ⌘. If you are rocking a Windows keyboard, which is fine - they work in macOS too, then the Command key is your Windows key. Pressing cmd+C is the same as copy in Windows. In fact, replace the Ctrl key with cmd in many cases will reproduce the same keyboard short cut as I am sure you already figured out for Pasting and Cutting.

One of my other all time favorite Commands is when you need to close a program that is just not responding, it happens in all software programs. In Windows, you may be used to Ctrl + Alt + Delete. In macOS you want to use cmd + opt + esc and this will bring up a window to close or force quit misbehaving applications. Cmd+Q is also good if you need to quit an app you are currently in.

For more info on other helpful keyboard shortcuts, visit this link at Apple Support and search for article HT201236

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