Micro Center's new Twotrees CNC 3018 Pro CNC Router Kit

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Hell everyone, my name is Don and have been looking for a reasonably priced desktop 3018CNC. Over t he weekend I noticed that Micro Center id now selling one, so I picked it up over the weekend.

The unit looks well made and everything assembled as per the instructions. I am impressed with its h eft and materials. This unit comes with a different MB than pictured in the description, it has a MKS DLC-32 board, Which, I believe should be better than the originally pictured 8 bit board. Unfortunately, when I tested the unit, it, I only get motor humming, not turning.

Has anyone in the community h ad any experience with this machine? Does anyone have a suggestion for additional troubleshooting to solve this problem?



  • ssmeier

    I too am experiencing the motor stepper motors humming with no movement.

    I have installed the driver software on a Windows 10 laptop. I have configured the Candle software for COM4, which is the port number from Device Manager.

    Don (DJINTROY_2),

    Did you ever get your 3018 CNC from Twotrees working?


  • Mikebanak
    Just bought the Twotrees CNC 3018 Pro and having issues keeping the machine connected to my PC. When I run a program the spindle runs for only a few seconds then the machine disconnects from the PC. If I disconnect the positive spindle wire then the unit does not disconnect . Also can get Easel to connect can use Candle.
  • Mikebanak
    Meant to type Easel does not connect.
  • I had similar issues and found the power supply that shipped with the TwoTrees was set at the wrong voltage, I changed it from 12v to 24v and got passed the above issues but now it fails and I get "issue with mainboard" error. So I am assuming I may have either fried it trying to get it working or you get what you get for $130

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