PC build for audio mixing


I am thinking of building another PC, but I need it for doing audio mixing (for sound recording). This essentially means it needs to be able to play 10 or so wav files at the same time, while recording another one. Since its not gaming, graphics is not important. I would be using a semi-pro sound card connected with firewire or USB.

1) Are there any processors that would be best suited for this application?

2) Any motherboards that would be best for this?

3) Any other hints for setup to make sure resources are used for audio playback, and not wasted on other things , like video, or file maintenance?

thanks, Joel


  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Greetings. Did you have an intended budget for the parts?

  • magarity
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    To answer question 1) probably base a system around the new Intel 12700K since that has integrated graphics, 20 "Performance" threads and 4 "Efficiency" threads.

    Not sure about (2) but someone else will chime in, after you report back with your budget.

    3) With the CPU I suggested in (1) you don't need to worry about wasting money on a graphics card and since the graphics part is dedicated inside the CPU, using it doesn't take away from the other processing. Also, the 4 "Efficiency" cores in that processor are supposed to do all the little stuff like file maintenance as you mentioned, without taking away from the "Performance" cores. Honestly, I don't have one myself but I've heard this it works really well.

  • JGRock

    Budget = 600-900

    Probably any new cpu will be an improvement over the 3.4GHz i5-3570k I have working now.

    I'm sure the suggested cpu is fine, but I am skeptical about anything that says "integrated graphics", and having it in the cpu chip seems odd to me. Wouldnt there be a cooling issue, cooling both the cpu and the graphics on the same chip?

    ...but I am definitely not up to date savvy on these things (hence the original question), so many thanks!


  • magarity
    magarity ✭✭✭✭
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    Intel has done cpu integrated graphics for decades. You gave to go out of your way to find the few models they produce without integrated graphics. Microcenter doesnt even bother to stock them. No, cooling is not a problem. It also saves you plenty of money not needing to buy a graphics card.

    With that budget you're more in the i5 12600k range.
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