Gift Cards to Micro Center online


Why on earth can you not buy gift cards to micro center online...I called support and they said nope, only in stores...really?! Micro Center your a f*&^%$g tech store...why would you not be willing to take peoples money to buy a gift card online...especially if you don't live nearby a store...dumbest thing I've anyone else find this insane and Micro Center...time to fix this fml


  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Hello, I'm sorry for any inconvience, at this time, Micro Center Gift Cards can only be purchased at our store locations directly and may only be used for in-store purchases.

  • mprogers

    I just showed up here to buy a gift card for a relative - they live near a Micro Center , I do not - and am now going to wander over to another site where I can find something. I don't understand the business logic behind restricting your audience to people within traveling distance of a Micro Center, instead of people who are ... on the internet, but I'm sure there is some.

  • My4kidsm0m
    edited December 2023
    I can't believe Micro Center doesn't sell gift cards online. Even if you don't want to sell e-cards or allow purchases to be paid with gift cards online, customers should be able to purchase a physical gift card and have it mailed to them just like any other product. Micro Center is my son's favorite store, and I wanted to include a $100 MC gift card in the Christmas box that I'm shipping to him. I do this all the time for my children as most of us don't live near each other, and I don't live near stores where I can go in and purchase cards in person. It's disappointing, but I'll have to purchase from another retailer. Not a good business practice!
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