Brand New Powerspec G439: No POST, No Display


I recently purchased a Powerspec G439. I've only recently gotten to the point where I could plug it in and test it. When I did, the case fans start but there is no other discernable activity. The keyboard numlock key does nothing and the optical mouse does not light up (whether plugged into the top of the front panel or the back), the display never detects connection (from the built in or the expansion video card - HDMI in both cases), and the fans on the liquid cooler do not start. There are no beep codes, just the noise of the fans running. The RGB buttons work and cycle the fan lighting through the various settings.

Additional information: I wanted to add an SSD to separate OS and Apps. I mounted a 2.5" SATA SSD using the side cage. (My plan is to move the OS to the 2.5" SATA) Providing power to the drive required snipping the zip ties that were holding the extra power supply outputs in a bundle between the power supply and the drive bays to get the cables out. Unfortunately I realized I don't have a SATA data cable and neither the PC nor the drive came with one, so at the moment the drive is mounted by not connected. I would not expect that to be an issue, just included for completeness sake.


  • RobertHaskins

    I opened the case on the computer back up to double check the power supply. The main 12 pin cable coming out of the supply was a bit pulled out on one end. It was the side opposite where I'd pulled out the bundle of cables to get to a spare SATA power cable. I pushed the the 12 pin back in and also verified the other cables were plugged in tightly. Finally, I removed a PATA power cable and a SATA power cable that had been plugged into the power supply. I stored the unplugged cables in the 3.5" bay area to reduce the pressure on the cables connected to the PSU. I also verified some of the connections going to the motherboard.

    After all of that, I plugged the PC back in and it powered up properly and booted into windows. I would have expected different behavior from that set of pins being loose, but at least it's functional now and I don't have to take it to a store to get it looked at.

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    Loose 12V connector at the PSU on a modular unit. We apologize for the inconvenience but solid troubleshooting to figure out what the issue was. We appreciated the detailed explanation.

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