don't make this mistake.....


just a couple days ago, I dug out my old laptop and got it up and running again. I wouldn't say it's really old, but it is unreliably slow, but it is enough to get school work done and stuff like that. anyways, it has a touch screen but the screen is plastic and you can feel it too. I don't even have to google it to know it is plastic. the screen was kind of dirty so I grabbed my screen cleaner and microfiber towel and got to cleaning but once I finished, I had problems for a couple of minutes. what happened is the screen cleaning liquid actually kept pressing on the screen. luckily I was on my desktop so it didn't mess anything up. I posting this so you know to check your screen before you use any kind of cleaner on it. it's been a bit since I have done that and it is fine now. (I mean like 10 minutes). I know that it is because the screen is plastic because I have a school Chromebook and nothing happened to it's touch screen because it's glass. so moral of the story is not to use glass cleaner on a plastic screen, especially if it is touch screen.


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