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So my cousin asked me to build him a new pc for his job ( he works at a radio station ) and uses a sound card but the sound card is old and he doesn't want to get a new one. I know the sound card is a single PCI, but my question is if i get a modern motherboard that has a PCI slot, will the sound card still work with it? the sound card doesn't pop up on pc part picker so i can't figure out if it's compatible or not. Below i linked the sound card.


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    Hi, PCI isn't supported on most motherboards we sell. At the Marietta store I have one which is the ASUS B460 PRO B460M-C/CSM Intel board in stock. From the link you sent it doesn't list Windows 10 or 11 as a supported OS. This doesn't necessarily mean it will not work on them however. I would contact the manufacturer and see if it can be supported on a current operating system. Additionally, ask your cousin what operating system he is using it on. There is also a chance of it working either way, because sometimes manufacturers don't test older parts on newer Operating Systems. Worst case, you can always try it on the board and see if it works or not.
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