Arcade cabinet laminate chipped - Suggestions for fill/repair?


I recently bought a 3/4 arcade cabinet (just the cabinet, not the full kit) and upon unboxing discovered there is a chip in the edge of one of the button holes. I'd thought maybe the button would cover this up but it doesn't. I have no immediate plans to cover the surface with a decal, and even if I did the chip would show as a surface depression.

Does anyone have a suggestion on a way to fill the chip so the surface is somewhat seamless? I'm not looking to haul this back the store or seek some sort of retail resolution on this, chips happen and it could happen down the road anyway.


  • Lambdaben
    Lambdaben ✭✭✭
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    Sawdust and wood glue are your friend, this would probably be the most practical solution. Sand it to match and re-paint to touch it up....

  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    I haven't personally worked on any of these cabinets myself but I know there are a lot of resources on repair/restoration on arcade cabinets on YouTube video wise and on a website called ArcadeMuseum if you need some additional places to look into.

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