Building a Network CCTV Server for community


I am trying to configure a replacement for our HOA community front gate services. Currently our system is a 16 camera (Coax) cable system with various cameras, 9Tb of storage going to 18Tb as soon as I can locate a connector. Down the road we are planning to setup a replacement for the gate cameras that will include a good active license plate reader and verification system, a RFID access system, a VOIP call box that supports remote updating of the directory and eventually adding in IP cameras.

The problem I am having is I need to support the current BNC-Coax cameras on a PC motherboard. The motherboards I see don't have enough PCI slots on them. Most coax PCI boards have a max of 4 ports so I need a min of 3+ PCI slots for the boards. I plan on running Windows 10 Pro with BlueIris as the camera management system. It will have 3-4 WD Purple 10Tb Sata drives and 16Mb of storage. I don't need a fancy video card because it will all be over the internet for access. It will have to run a i6 or better processor also. If any of you know where I can find this pleaase ring my posting. I have looked all over for them. I wish I had a "Fryes" store! Dang.....Ken


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