I want the most FPS I can get.



Meg x570 ace MB

DDR4 3600



I know upgrading my CPU will help, but I'm stuck on either waiting or going with the 5900x or the 12900K. I still want to be able to stream through. I also know if I switch to intel then I'll need a new MB. I'm just not sure if the switch will be worth it and I'm not sure which MB to get if I do the switch. Again the goal is the max frames and still being able to stream. Just want some opinions on which MB I should go with if I do switch and which CPU I should get as well.


  • Rayy_Goss

    What games are you going to be playing?

    Personally, with you already owning a meg x570 ace mb, I would recommend updating the bios to the latest version, and going with the 5900x.

    You'll be saving money as opposed to swapping to intel AND depending on the games you choose to stream, OBS will allow you to stream off the gpu or cpu while maintaining the performance of the other.

    So, if you're streaming Valorant for example, you'll want to set the obs "Stream encoder" to NVENC, as Valorant is a cpu intensive game. The streaming will primarily be done on the gpu, and valorant (On the 3900x, or the 5900x if you choose to upgrade) will run at the highest possible fps while being streamed on that same pc. I imagine you should be able to get well over 240+ fps if you are looking to use a 144-240hz monitor on your gaming pc.

    If you're playing something like warzone or apex, it will be a little more tasking on your pc, but using "X264" as the stream encoder as opposed to "Nvenc" Should enable you to maximize the fps in those games, due to them being graphically intensive.

    All in all the 5900x would be a great upgrade from the 3900x, and maximizing the fps you get in your game of chose will depend on what games you are playing and how you set up OBS

    Hopefully the info helps you out :)


  • xStorm33
    xStorm33 ✭✭
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    edited May 2022

    I was thinking about that but didn't know that about OBS. I will have to give that a shot when I stream next. I don't mind spending the extra money because I still have my warranty on the MB so I could exchange it for an intel one. That's why I was thinking about both 12900K and 5900X. Either way I'd love the most frames I can get because I plan on getting DDR5 (if it's worth it) and the 360HZ monitor even though I have the 280HZ atm. Any thoughts on DDR5 or if money wasn't a problem going with 12900K? Or should I just stick to AMD? I will also say the games I mostly play are Vanguard, Siege, and Val. @Rayy_Goss

  • xStorm33

    Budget (including currency): No Budget 

    Country: U.S.

    Games, programs, or workloads that it will be used for: Cod, Val, Siege, and Streaming/ comp gaming

    Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Meg x570 ace MB, DDR4 3600, 3900x, 3080. I'll be playing at 1080p and I want the most frames possible. currently at 170-210, but would like 240 and up. 

    I was thinking about upgrading my CPU and RAM. I didn't know whether I should make the full switch to intel and go with the 12900K ( or if there is a better option) or stick with AMD and go with the 5900X. I don't mind switching if it'll be better overall but my goal is a ton of frames and still being able to stream as well. 

    I was also thinking about upgrading to DDR5, but not sure if it's worth it yet and wanted some opinions on it. 

  • JeremyS
    JeremyS ✭✭
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    Hey! These are great pieces of information that can help us put something together for you. Since you are going a route of doing gaming and OSB streaming, currently the best CPU for those types of encoding and CPU bound games would for sure be the 12th gen Intel. As someone who plays Siege religiously, Ive found the game runs mainly on GPU but banks really hard off of single core performance. Intel currently holds that lead as well as dedicated cores for encoding purposes for streaming.

    If you are looking to move to a new setup route I do recommend the 12900k paired with DDR5 to take full reigns of its ability. Make sure when you are purchasing DDR5 to understand the price differences. You will want something with a higher clock speed such as 6400mhz with a LOW clock timing such as CL32. Although expensive, it is the performance you need for gaming. This will also be highly beneficial to your OBS streaming.

    Ontop of that, make sure you are choosing an adequate power supply, for something with an i9 and most likely a 3080ti or above, you will for sure need something 1000 watts or above, this makes sure you system does not choke on power, as the new 12th gens are very power driven.

    Overall, a CPU for those types of games will be your biggest boost. A 3080 for 1080p gaming will for sure bring you to 144hz monitor gaming. Most those games engines struggle to pump out steady higher frames, most developers develop game engines to run looks rather than performance.

    Let me know if you have any questions! Also if you are someone whos new to streaming, although OBS offers a lot of features, nvidia shadow play is a very light and simple way to stream your gameplay and record it, it runs very smoothly in the background with little resource consumption.

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