What specs do I need to make games run better?

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I want to play games like Elden ring, and apex legends, but I can't. They stutter, lag, and drop frames every time I don't understand why. I have a TUF GAMING B550-Plus (Wi-Fi) for the motherboard, an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor CPU, DRAM (32GB & 2666), and an RTX 3080 Ti. What do I need to make such games run smoothly and have better performance?.


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    This is a software configuration problem, not a specs problem. The listed specs should have no problem. You should probably post this in "General Discussion" instead with a title of something like 'Need help with getting better gaming performance from 3080 Ti'.

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    Greetings. What kind of frame rate are you getting? What kind of settings are you using? The specs you have are quite near top of the line for gaming with a 3080 Ti.

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    Go into your BIOS, Delete on startup. Go to Advanced - AMD fTPM Configuration(Might be CPU configuration on that board) - TPM Device Selection. If it's on Firmware TPM change it to Discrete TPM. See if that helps with the performance. This should be addressed in AGESA 1.2.07 if that's the case. There's a beta 2803 out for you board with the updated firmware.

    Also noting this issue is very intermittent and doesn't quite line up if you're seeing this every time, but it's worth checking. Your specs are fine for either of those games.

  • Aodhan_Gorman

    Copied my reply from your other post I'm case you missed it:

    "Elden Ring is capped at 60fps in engine which is why you are experiencing such a low FPS, the only benefit it playing that title with such a high-end GPU would be if you were trying to play at 4k or 8k. There are mods out to remove this limit, but it would require a bit of digging to find the right tutorials.

    As for Apex, I suspect they low frequency of your RAM has something to do with the low performance from your Ryzen Infinity Fabric causing a stutter in data being sent from the CPU. Ryzen CPUs have better single threaded performance when paired with higher clock speed RAM."

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