Can you rebuild your prebuilt in a new case?



I've had my G468 for a while now and was thinking about changing my setup. I was planning on just transferring the components into a new case. I don't see anything wrong with doing that, or how it would mess anything up, but I just want to make sure it's okay!

P.S. I believe I don't have a warranty on it.


  • Ian
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    Greetings, yes you can do that. As long as you aren't trying to put an ATX motherboard into a mini-ITX case or something like that, there would be no issue to move cases.

  • w8deywins

    Hey Finlay!

    Great question! Since the components inside are an ATX form factor, you will want to look into a case that supports ATX motherboards and ATX power supply. Since it has Liquid Cooling, you should find a case that has support for Liquid Cooling Radiators such as one that supports a 240mm All-In-One. A popular case and recommendation amongst the community is the Lian Li Lancool 215 or Lancool Mesh II to name a few.

    If you have any other questions regarding updating/upgrading your PC build, just let us know!

  • CodyS_MCDuluth
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    It's worth getting a first-hand opinion on rebuilding since a few quirks about spacing and airflow may not make themself apparent when shopping for a new case unless you're more familiar with the parts and case. If you bring in the desktop to the knowledge bar at your nearest Micro Center, they can help you discuss what cases would work. They also offer a service where they can rebuild it for you, if you'd rather have them handle it.

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