Open Box item says "COMPLETE" went to store its incomplete


I reserved a pretty expensive kit (ASUS Gundam Helios Barebones Kit) from Microcenter and the open box said it was going to complete. I come into the store and go to pick up my reservation.

First red flag, "uh oh" the product box is missing completely, not a big issue I don't think anything of it. SECOND RED FLAG, there's no general protection for the whole build and its just in a regular brown cardboard box with one of the side panels completely off.

Then the screws and accessories bag is missing too, okay whatever I can just get them on the side on my own time, but I remember there should be headphones/mousepad that should be included in this kit. Knowing that it's a limited edition branded ASUS Gundam Collaboration that is pretty expensive. The headphones alone cost more than $150+ as the normal edition is $115-130, the mouse pad is $30 on Amazon.

I asked to talk to a manager/supervisor to see if I can get any reconciliation and the best thing they offer me is a $10 discount on a SSD that I picked out because they can't give ANYMORE discounts to the open box when there's clearly items missing and the thing itself is unprotected.

I don't understand how they think I could want another product when I'm purchasing a Limited Edition Kit and the items that are missing value WAY MORE than just $10, I would be fine with that. I have pictures of the computer its self there and no provided box for it rather just a regular cardboard box.

I asked to pick it up another day as my reservation ends on the 4th and so I can talk to support regarding the issue. After contacting support I was told I'd receive a message today which I was glad to hear as I didn't want my reservation date to end before they gave me my response. Now that day is today and past the 24 hour window they originally gave me with the first support agent who was very helpful but now I contacted again. I was told that the latest would be tomorrow for my response- BUT I TOLD THEM, that is the issue. My reservation ends tomorrow and what if they don't call/message me regarding the issue? They want me just to reorder and maybe just lose on my reservation completely?

I hope to get my response tomorrow from my microcenter so I can resolve this issue but as it stands the support that was just given to me was not helpful at all. I don't want this issue to be present again if I try to spend on another big purchase at microcenter as all I've done were part purchases.

Is there any way to contact higher ups or anything regional for this issue? I don't see a way to do it anywhere rather than to just start a discussion or call tomorrow to their company line. I can provide pictures of my transcripts and anything related towards the PC in store as I took them, but I don't want to provide them here as the transcripts have my name and number in it.


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