Selecting Wireless Cards


I have an old HP desktop that I inherited from my old work (they were upgrading). All I've done is installed some memory and upgraded the OS then I gave it to my wifi for her business where it currently sits. Her office is a 100+yr old building and doesn't have any wired connections - all wifi. Initially I gave her an old USB wifi card that has worked well so far. However this week its started to "flicker" and intermittently drop the signal and its on the computers end. Oh well - I decided to just install an internal card and should have done that in the first place but I'm lazy.

I'm attaching the System Information but the motherboard is a HP 18e4. I can't find any specs on this to look up what ports it has and I wont have an opportunity to open it up until about two weeks from now - when I'd prefer to have a card in hand to do the install. Does anyone here have knowledge of the motherboard and recommendations for a wifi card?



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