ASUS VG27AQL1A Went Berzerk!

Aysee ✭✭
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I bought this monitor about a week ago and up until tonight it has been fantastic. I was playing Halo Infinite and it suddenly started flashing like crazy and wouldn't stop (like, seizure inducing flashing). I turned it off and back on, the flashing stopped but now there are vertical lines on the screen. The black void is there even on the ASUS power up splash screen, so I don't believe it to be a PC/GPU issue. I've unplugged all cables from the monitor and their sources and reconnected but the lines are still there.

Anyone have a similar issue or know what might be going on?

Edit: Apparently I don't know the difference between horizontal and vertical.


  • Lambdaben
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    Hi @Aysee,

    I have 2 suggestions

    1. Try replacing the cable and see if you get the same results, I know its a long shot, but hey it's worth a try.
    2. Replace the monitor. Hate to say it, but there might have been a short in the monitor that caused the black bar to appear. This most likely happened because the monitor overheated and then caused a short.

    Since you bought the monitor a week ago, you should be able to return it, given it meets the return policy of where you bought it from. Hope this helps!

  • Aysee
    Aysee ✭✭
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I can't try a different power cable, it doesn't use a typical monitor power cord plug and I don't have an alternate. I don't think a different display cable would help since the lines are there even if no display cable is connected. I suppose it could have overheated but it wouldn't have been due to external factors. It's in an open area in a cool basement (it's not humid either so moisture isn't the issue). Heading up tonight to swap it for another one (same model).

  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Yes, if it's appearing even without a cable from monitor to PC, definitely bring that back in for a return/exchange within the 30 day return period.

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