Correct battery for the Alienware 17 R4 laptop?


I'm looking to replace my battery for my Alienware 17 R4 laptop. I've looked online and noticed there are a few to choose from, and am unsure if there is any specific battery that is better or more affordable than others. I would also like a new charger to go with it as mine has been having issues.


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    Well first you should see how much an OEM battery is since it was the one originally designed to work with the system. Generally those can be a bit pricey so sometimes a knockoff will work well too. The same advice goes for the charger, though if by acting up it's just getting really hot I usually put a heatsync on it to keep it going a little longer. Elevating it and/or sticking it on its side with two heat syncs might work even better though I've not tried that. Though at that point I'd never leave it plugged in unattended.

    I'm unsure if they sell just the individual battery/charger for a Alienware 17 R (haven't seen anything in the online store) but you can try Dell's site since they bought out Alienware years ago and now manage that brand. I know they do sell generic chargers that might work, but like I said look for OEM if possible.

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    Greetings, for batteries from Micro Center, we do have a battery finder on our website: Simply enter your model number and it will show you what batteries we have on this page. To check stock directly on the product page, select your local Micro Center at the top of the page on and you can view their stock.

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