Safe Power Supply & Air Cooling when using Blender/Adobe Products + General Feedback


Hello! I am new to the PC building stage. Over the last few weeks, I have compiled a list of parts and I am pretty satisfied with what I have (plan is attached).

I am curious if what I have will be enough when using Blender/Adobe Products. I used Blender a bit in the past and it was VERY slow on my Dell gaming PC laptop (go figure) so Im mixing things up. Im cautious about overclocking as I have never done it before, and I am currently air-cooling my PC in the build. I will also see myself doing some gaming.

Micro Center says the estimated wattage is 617watt and I have an 850watt power supply. With my CPU and GPU draw being 125W and 650w respectively, is this a safe setup?

I feel I have done a thorough job of ensuring connections are made between components, but better safe than sorry! Any feedback on what I have chosen, its feasibility in actually building it and expecting hi-performance results would be awesome. I plan to ask in-store team too, but I wanted to start here.

Edit: Also QTY is not displayed for some reason, so 3x Noctua Fans.

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    That case (and any with the all glass front panel) is a poor choice unless you have some specific requirement that only it meets. Please consider getting one that's either 'Mesh' or 'Airflow'. Are you picking that because you really need an internal DVDRW? Consider an external.

    The 3060 graphics card draws 170W normally and up to 200W overclocked, not 650W. An 850W power supply is waaaay plenty. You could use a 750W if the price makes a difference.

    Get the 2 pack of 3600 RAM not the single pack of 3000.

    Otherwise it looks like a perfectly workable list.


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    Hello there! Julia from Cambridge Micro Center here.

    The 850W is more than enough for a 11700k+3060 build. You will have lots of room to upgrade as well as to overclock. I believe the EVGA 850W GA is currently on sale for $99.99, and stock will depend on which store you are buying from. This is a great PSU that comes at a really good value compared to the Corsair RMx which is currently 60 bucks more.

    If I were to suggest some parts for a Blender/Adobe build, here are some components I recommend looking into:

    Intel 12600k or 12700k + any Z690 board (for example, ASUS TUF Z690 DDR4, MSI Tomahawk Z690 DDR4). The intel 12th generation is a whole new line of processors where both the efficiency and performance are hugely increased from the 11th generation. As a 3D artist myself, this is the line of processors I feel confident recommending to my customers. 😊

    The crucial P5 is a solid choice - other ones include Samsung 980 Pro, or the WD SN850. I personally find that the Samsung Magician software that you can download with the Samsung drives is really useful (to monitor drive health, etc).

    The regular Noctua D15 has one extra fan, which will give you some extra cooling capability when rendering for long periods of time. It will also be a better choice for overclocking as the CPU will definitely run hot.

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!

    Julia from Cambridge MC

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