It's Stormy Season, how old is your UPS battery?

Vaganza ✭✭✭✭
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Batteries in your UPS do have a finite lifespan, if you are hearing the beeps to replace the battery; look at replacing that bad boy. If you are more than a year, be weary. Power requirements are growing too. But protect your computing investment with a decent UPS/Battery Backup, it may even serve to protect the hard work you are working on and have not saved in a minute.


  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Good reminder, especially for anyone who's been living in Ohio over the past week...

  • tbarggs
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    I'd say this is great advice not only for Battery backups / UPS but Surge protectors in general!

  • Rye_Bread
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    I think my surge protector is 5 years old and...maybe I should get a UPS.

  • Shoan041
    Shoan041 ✭✭✭✭
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    Battery backups are amazing! Some of the nicer ones will connect to your computer and let it know it's on battery power, so your computer can be setup to shutdown safely when your power goes out and you aren't around to turn it off yourself.

    AVR is also an amazing function to help fight Brownouts in addition to Blackouts!

  • FleetATX

    I replaced batteries on my CyberPower UPS within the last year. I realized I needed it by testing... pull the plug, and see how long it took to go down.

    I wish the chargers on these things were better. My feeling is they continue charging the lead-acid AGM cells after they are already charged.

    Maybe my next UPS should use LiFePO 4 batteries, with a constant-voltage supply. That might be more resistant to overcharging.

    I run the monitor thru the UPS but not printer-- which is the normal thing to do.

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