How We're Continuing to Fight Tech and Plastic Waste

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Micro Center has always offered a robust recycling program for tech waste. From computers to ink and toner, we're happy to take the tech you no longer need and make sure it gets recycled efficiently and effectively so it doesn't end up in a landfill, potentially leaking toxic chemicals. And now, in limited stores, we're extending that ideology to plastic waste.

We, as Americans, use billions of plastic bags each year, and nearly all of them end up as waste in landfills or litter the environment. In an effort to reduce this massive amount of plastic waste, we aim to eventually eliminate plastic bags from all 25 stores. The rollout will be in phases, starting with five stores, including Denver, Chicago, Fairfax, Sharonville, and St. Davids.

“We know our customers are used to having plastic bags at checkout, and moving away from them will require some getting used to,” said Ralph Gilson, our Senior Vice President of Operations. “We appreciate our customers’ support and understanding during this transition as we focus on doing what’s right for the environment. By working together, we can eliminate over 4 million single-use plastic bags every year.”

 We will be transitioning to reusable bags, which will be available for purchase at checkout. And if you're interested in learning more about our electronics recycling program, speak with any of our associates at the Knowledge Bar.


  • TomVFromTX

    Can we just use shipping boxes maybe?

  • Scary_Guy
    Scary_Guy ✭✭✭
    First Anniversary First Comment 5 Insightfuls 5 Likes

    I mean if you order online and have it shipped, sure. 😛

    But in all seriousness

  • Queenlu740

    It’s great for Micro cut your cost of doing business .. and forcing the consumer to buy your reusable bags!! It’s a win win for Micro Center.. ANOTHER PRICE INCREASE TO THE CONSUMER!! Why don’t you take a tip from TARGET, GIVE THER REUSABLE BAGS AS MANY AS WE WANTED TO TAKE!! And they gave them out at the checkout and at the entrance/ exit doors!! Now every time I see one of those bags, I think TARGET!! The BEST ADVERTISING THAT MONEY COULD BUY!!

  • Macmini24
    Hopefully it isn't raining heavily as you walk out.  Not every box is shrink wrapped and a lot of what you sell is shall we say water sensitive.  Not a very well thought out policy. 
  • Shopper

    Hell no! Fine you got some wacko's with something against plastic bags whatever. Get sturdy paper or boxes. If you stiff me on a bag and make me walk openly out the door with with everyone in the parking lot looking at my $2K GPU why don''t you just slap a "ROB ME NOW" sticker on my butt on the way out of the store. ALL YOUR PRODUCTS are basically plastic and wrapped in plastic in the boxes and the boxes are wrapped in plastic.

    NO, just NO....I'm the customer and you will bag my stuff and if you don't it will come in an Amazon box or one from New Egg. This is dumb....

  • Shopper

    You all need to fire the moron that came up with this. No bags? Oh how dare you dictate your eco policy on my shopping!

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