Shopping page needs more filters for kb/mouse


Hi Microcenter team,

Please consider adding the following filters to your kb section:

  • membrane/mechanical/optical etc
  • maybe subcategory: switch type? maybe not.
  • connection type: usb 2/3, wireless dongle, BT, ...

Thanks! :)

PS: Try searching for "mechanical wireless keyboard" and "mechanical 'wireless keyboard' " and see what results come up. You /need/ the extra filters. ;)

PPS: Yes I'm aware that this could possibly mean changing how you record SKUs etc, so it's not necessarily fixable overnight.

PPPS. Sorry if this is not the correct forum.


  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @pekirt

    Thank you for contacting micro center. So for the search, many time you will have to select the main category first and then the filter will start to change. so using the example you mentioned you would first select the category of computer parts, and then the items would change on it. I will go ahead and make a note and pass the information along to so they do have you feedback for the site.

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