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I'm building a new PC (for context, i'm living in portugal so shipping from amazon is very limited, so i'm resorting to local tech companies) and as I was about to settle for a ROG Strix 3060 TI V2 OC, I saw a gigabyte 3070 eagle OC for 60 bucks cheaper.

Is the that specific 3070 better than the Strix and worth buying it instead?

(The rest of the PC build for context is more or less the 1440p version from the video mr Pc Builder made, with the ryzen 5600 etc)

Thanks for the help :D


  • Aodhan_Gorman

    The 3070 and 3060 Ti benchmark fairly close together at 1440p so I assume you're asking because of the software and cooler differences between the two models.

    The Eagle series has an adequate cooler even for the 3070 so unless you were going to try and push a heavy overclock, I wouldn't be too worried about thermals lowering the 3070's performance down to the level of a 3060 Ti. The ROG consistently performs on the higher end of 3060 Ti charts but even that still leaves it behind the slowest OEM 3070 models purely based on the number of CUDA cores and binning.

    I think many people prefer software from Asus over Gigabyte but if you're not going to be doing much overclocking or messing with the software then this is a moot point.

    I think the bigger concern for me would be how easy getting warranty help considering your geographic location. The specifics on international coverage from each company I am not aware of myself, but that may be more important for you in case you do have any problems with the GPU.

    All things considered, the price for the Eagle sounds like a good deal as long as you have decent thermal performance in the case you select!

  • Rayy_Goss

    Hello Cardina!

    3070s will have slightly better performance than a 3060 TI (I would say 5-15 %) Depending on the games you are playing this could make an important difference when trying to reach certain frame rates. If the gigabyte one is significantly cheaper than I would 100% go with that one. Both are great cards but the gigabyte card will provide a little more

    Hope you got the answer you were looking for

    Best Regards,


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