If i was to sell these parts...


Hi i have a amd ryzen 5900x with 32gb CL16 3200 Ram, a asus tuf b550 Mobo, and a 3070 ti. if i was to sell them around the time the new gpu and cpu come out what is a fair price to ask? never been mined with and no over clocking, works perfectly. never seen more the 75c on gpu and 65c on cpu


  • Ian
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    Greetings. We don't estimate parts for re-sale here at Micro Center. I would suggest to look at online marketplaces to help you determine a fair price.

  • JeremyS

    Depending on the model for your RAM, your RAM sticks might be Samsung B-Die, these are usually a high interest for enthusiasts, theyre harder to find and tend to be more expensive.

    Generally, if you have the original packaging for all of your components this might also increase your sale value and trustworthiness with buyers. Companies like Ebay, Offerup, and Facebook market place are great areas to sell local or do shipping. They will give you estimates on highest price sold and lowest price sold and the average.

    Overall, shaving 20% off your original purchase price is a decent ask. But take a look at who else is selling your component, usually I would go $20 under the average just so I can sell it. People will most likely buy the cheapest option and free shipping gets better interests.

    Good luck! I would recommend selling soon since AM5, Nvidia 4000 series and Intel 13th gen are around the corner.

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