Problem resetting password, and something else that is strange

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I can't login because I forgot password so I clicked the link to reset password. The webpage told me I'll get an email with a link to reset password. It never came. Tried again. Still didn't come. It's strange that I bought something from our local Micro Center store, requested an e-receipt and that did come to my Inbox. Even more strange is that I gave up on logging into my existing account and tried registering a new account with the same email address, and IT SUCCEEDED! I can't believe one single email address can be mapped to two accounts. Obviously, after I log into this new account, there's nothing in here. My recent or previous orders are not in here.

(In case the web site admin can help check, my email is -removed by Admin-. Again, this address is used by an old and a new account. The two accounts are independent.)


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    Greetings, insider accounts must be made manually, they are not automatically created if you buy something in-store. With the email you provided, I see the account was made yesterday, there are not two accounts under your email.

  • yong321


    Thank you for checking my account. I've been buying things from our local store for years and every time they ask for my email, they can pull up my info quickly. So that information is in some separate database and is unrelated to an account at website? I thought I registered at this website before. Maybe I remembered wrong. Anyway, if I never had a website account before, the password reset message telling me I'll get a reset link in email is so misleading. I wish it said something like "No account with this email is found".

    A related question. Other than going to the store or calling them, is there a way to find my previous purchases online? Thanks again.

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