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Having an issue with my hp 17-by1022 I bought from micro center a year ago. Unfortunately walking into my office my cord caught the door handle and yanked the laptop out of my hand. I fumble dropped it with computer on and screen open but half caught it to slow the fall. Only thing I saw was the screen bezel popped at the corner so I clipped it back on. Seemed like screen took more of the brunt.

Continued to use laptop and seemed to be running fine doing stuff on Chrome and listening to music on YT for like 3 hours. Upon opening file explorer to watch some TV shows I noticed the computer starting to freeze and not play the videos.

Upon running task manager it seems my disk drive is continually pegging 100% and staying. Randomly it'll go down for a second then back to 100. Every once in awhile it'll go down to 0 and run fine for 2-5mins then right back up. I can still use Chrome and play YouTube, Hulu etc with no real lag. If I start to run any type of files on the computer it starts to go back to 100 and freeze. SYSTEM seems to be causing the 100% spike on task manager.

I'm not sure if I've corrupted a file when dropping or possibly knocked something half loose? When this first started acting up I noticed hearing some odd louder clicking noises in the computer like the hard drive trying to run but I believe mine is SSD as it shows in task manager. Restarted computer once to see if it would fix and it took 6-8 mins to restart when usually it's about 20 seconds. Like it was taking long to find start up files.

Can I run a disk check or repair program of any sort to see if something is corrupt and repairable? I mainly use this to plug into my TV to stream TV all night. Streaming on Chrome is fine but now I cannot play any downloaded TV series due to it running 100% when trying to run files on the computer itself. Even things like opening computer settings will freeze for a sec to load up.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    You can look into running a check disk or SFC scan to see if those may provide any assistance for this problem.

    Here are guides on how to complete those (the steps are the same for Windows 11 if you have that):

  • Thank you for the reply and help. I will be sure to run this tomorrow morning before i leave for work.

    Last night after reading i performed a few checks. I went to the C drive and right click, and did a check up but it came back saying nothing was wrong.

    This morning i found a site that showed how to run the CHKDSK.exe for it to scan the disc partition. When i left for work it had about 4 hours to go. Came home to it complete and after first testing it seemed my disc was fixed at at a low 0-5%. Upon opening chrome, it went right to 100% again and started peaking in and out.

    SYSTEM , CHROME, and ANTIMALWARE SERVICE EXECUTABLE are the 3 main tasks causing the disc to 100%.

    after looking into trying to disable Antimalware service i found that i could go in and shut off the Microsoft Defender in my windows and security section of Settings.

    Once i turned off realtime updates and scanning and disabled Windows Defender, my disc is now staying Low. Every once and awhile it will spike a quick 30-60% and go right back down. I can finally open File Explorer and move thru the computer without it freezing, along with I am able to watch the TV series shows saved on my computer.

    I will be sure to run what you posted tomorrow morning so It can run while Im gone at work.

    From what i posted above, it seems turning the virus protection off has helped reduce the issue. But now i do notice my CPU usage is spiking fairly high like when opening chrome quick or a new tab itll peak 100% but go back down once the page has opened and settled. ( maybe thats normal and ive never noticed as i never really have task manager just left open to watch )

    Any info or tips related to what Ive done currently is a great help. Id hate to have to buy a new laptop after just getting this one from Micro Center within a year ( unforuntaely a refurb so no warranty )

  • Unfortunately it looks like im stucking buying a new laptop.

    2 nights ago i got the DISC spike to stop by disabling windows defender, malwarebytes, and turning off the raeltime weather and news info. That finally reduced the drive but unfortunately it looks like i damaged the HDD when dropping it.

    Upon coming home yesterday, pc had a boot load error on the screen. I restarted computer no problem, fired up fast and disabled my thing to hold me over, then the computer prompted a " the pc can repair broken drives " or something along those lines. It asked if i wanted to restart and run or not. I should have said no.

    The pc is now stuck in Automatic Repair Start along with being stuck in CHKDSK loop. It will either fail half way thru chkdsk and shut off, or it completes, and then comes up saying there is an error in repairing the start up file. I dealt with it all night last night and its a contant loop. I finally got to access comand prompt.

    BDCEDIT doesnt work, I tried running a SFC scan, which completes and then says it cant repair the drive. I tried a few other commands i found online to try to force it out of the loop and it comes back with errors everytime. Upon reading on the website it did describe if i hear a clicking form the harddrive it has most likely been damaged.

    So a small drop of a laptop has costed me a new one. Luckily it was only a 400 dollar refurb PC but i really liked it and had no issues with it. Sad 1 small fall caused this.

    Ive dropped my HP DV7 multiple times and only ever broke the fan.

    Appreciate the help that was given to try and fix it. Time to find a new one this weekend and sadly MC doesnt have any 17" Refurbs.

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    I assume this is an HDD rather than an SSD. Throughput is relatively limited, it's not hard for the drive to hit 100% usage. Mechanical HDD's are certainly vulnerable to fall damage. Generally they'll have accelerometers in them that lock the heads if the system is dropped, but this only goes so far.

    With the check disk issue, the only thing you could really do right now is exclude the drive to break the loop. This is not a solution, but should make the system usable until you can replace the drive.

    chkntfs C:

    Should confirm the disk is dirty.

    chkntfs /x C:

    That'll exclude the drive from further checks.

    You should be able to pick up a 256/500GB SSD very cheap. Easy fix. HP provides good documentation on disassembling their systems: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c08119882.pdf

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