What systems or desktop applications/software can I use this Atari Fight Stick with?


I am a huge fan of Atari, and over the past three years, I have started using fight sticks like the Neo Geo Pro stick, the 8BitDo Pro stick, and the AtGames Legends Mini. I was excited to try this one and use it with my Atari VCSs 800 both the gaming version and the PC Mode where I have Windows 10 running on it. I was also trying to use it with some mini systems like the Sony PS Classic, Sega Genesis Mini, Evercade VS, the AtGames Legends Mini and the Arcade 1UP Pac-Man mini plug-and-play where I have an SD card with a ton of games on it. I have not been able to successfully use it on anything other than some games on the VCS. It did work to some degree on Stadia. I know this Atari Fight Stick is designed to work with Windows and a Raspberry Pi, I used it to play on Steam which is good, but does anyone out there have any experience with this stick and what is your experience with it? What types of programs, systems, software, services I can use this stick with? The stick has the ability to install a Raspberry Pi inside of it, so if I got a version of that, will that include games? I have a Retron 77 with hundreds of games on it, however, I don't have an adapter that will work because it has vintage connector ports not USB.


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    Hello from one of my friends telling me that a raspberry pi is just the better solution.

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    Good afternoon @cryptocoffee

    Thank you for contacting micro center. So for this fight stick, it would not work for item like the PlayStation classic or the Sega genesis mini as the item would not have driver to allow the fight stick to work. If you used this with a raspberry pi it would depend on the Pi you purchased as if it was a kit, it may come with the sd card with the game on it you you may have to make the sd card with games on it.

  • cryptocoffee

    I was able to use it with MAME on my PC mode on the Atari VCS 800. I can also use it on some of the games on the VCS itself. I will have to look into what Raspberry Pi I would need to play certain games with. I have seen a few versions of the Raspberry Pi and I know that you can install them inside the housing of this Atari Fight Stick because there is a space with screws ready to go inside the unit. So I guess I will need to figure out which version of the Pi to get, and which ones come with games I want to play or add to the Pi.

  • cryptocoffee
    I now have the Atari Ultimate Arcade Stick. I had the included SD card with 140 games on it, however, I took it out to back it up, and in doing so, crushed the corner of the card and it no longer works. Any way I can find a copy of that image/card to download? They are no longer available at Microcenter?
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