Has anyone else had this many issues regarding a repair/diagnostic?


I brought my PC in like.. three weeks ago or so for a diagnostic. The first time around wasn't so bad honestly, in about 3 days they told me the GPU was bad, so I picked it up, bought a new GPU, and plugged it in. The new GPU didn't fix the problem though and I got the same error on my motherboard, so either the new GPU was bad on arrival, or the diagnostic was wrong, so I brought it in and they said it would be an expediated repair since it was the same issue, and they also said they would test my old GPU in another system to see if it was actually bad.

Anyways it's been about 2 weeks since I brought it in and I haven't heard anything back, no text message and nothing updated on my repair order number. I've tried texting a few times and never got a response. I've tried talking to customer service and they said they would contact my local store and tell them to contact me, and I've done that twice, and I haven't been contacted yet. I understand these things take time and I try to be patient even though I need my PC for work but.. I find it incredibly frustrating that not only is it taking this long, but there has been absolutely no communication. The GPU I bought was around 1200$, and there is a return window on it, and frankly I'm really scared that the GPU was dead on arrival and that by the time I'm told the GPU is bad again possibly, the return window will be closed lmao


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