How To 3D Print: Candy Dispenser

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This month’s print idea comes from Jakefromstate who asked us to print a working candy dispenser.  Thanks, Jakefromstate! Submit your 3D print ideas below, if we choose yours you will win 5 free spools of Inland Filament.

We found the print file for the Candy Dispenser on, submitted by HelioxLab.

You can find the files here:

Our Setup:

Printer: Ender 3 Pro

Filament Used for Body: Inland True Red 1.75mm PLA+

·        Nozzle Temp: 222°

·        Bed Temp: 60

Filament Used for Globe Candy Holder: Inland Transparent 1.75mm PETG

·        Nozzle Temp: 245°

·        Bed Temp: 70

Filament Used for Knob: Inland Silver 1.75mm PLA+

·        Nozzle Temp: 222°

·        Bed Temp: 60

Infill: 15

Print Time: 5-10 hours

Software: Creality Slicer

The Print:

The entire print consists of only 6 pieces. We used Inland True Red PLA+ for the body, Inland Transparent PETG for the see-through candy globe, and Inland Silver PLA+ for the turn knob.

I didn’t have to edit any of the files, the pieces fit together easily and the knob is easy to turn to dispense your candy.

The dispenser body and inside pieces printed easily and looked great. The only issue I had was getting the globe to print entirely transparent. The first print was very cloudy and not transparent at all. The second and third were more transparent, but not as much as I would have liked.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos to see what to set the printer to for a transparent print. Basically, you should print as hot and slow as your filament type will allow. I increased my nozzle temp from 225 to 245, decreased print speed from 80 to 20mms, lowered infill to 10%, increased flow rate from 100% to 108%, and turned the fan off. 

My print failed. The first half of the print was transparent, but the second half failed.

I believe it failed because I turned the fan off and decreased the infill. For the fourth print, I kept the above settings the same but turned the fan on and increased infill to 15%. The print wasn’t as clear as I would have hoped, but it didn’t fail.

In addition to a candy dispenser, you could also use this print as a coin bank for your kids! 

If you have any suggestions on how to get a transparent print, please comment below!

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