ferrite beads, EMI chokes, etc.

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Anyone know if Microcenter (St. David's) carries "ferrite beads", also known as "EMI choke"? Used to reduce high frequency electromagnetics, I want to power a motor with AC and need to run the cable through one of these things to knock out spikes.


Henry (username Raymondvillain)


  • Aodhan_Gorman

    I took a look through our DIY department and our store's inventory, and I was unable to locate anything like an EMI choke/Ferrite bead. I found several products like chargers with an EMI choke already applied to a cable but not them being sold here independently. You could potentially cannibalize one from a charger but that may be expensive and damage the product beyond repair or returnability. I do think this is a good product to carry in the DIY space and will submit a ticket for our buyers to look into availability!

  • Ian
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    Yes it does not appear we have these in general at Micro Center at this time.

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