Does Micro Center do franchises?


Does Micro Center do franchises? The reason I'm want to know because Phoenix, AZ had fry's electronic to feed my techie gamer brain. But of course that was years ago. I thinks it suck that Micro Center reminds me for Fry's Electronics but smart exist but not in my state. I was born in 88 i saw the gaming and technology evolution in a span for 34 years we got here. Unbelieve!!! Why I brought that up was before online shop was a huge thing. going to your local store to pick and look and get a really feel on the components before you buy. I love that. but now online wait 5 days later here but realizing it doesn't fit you case. Let do this again take 2 refund process accept fed ex ship wait get refund money shop.... ok you what I'm getting at. Somethings you to feel to make sure it is right. I hate shop for clothes online not sure if it fit. for example. Cars, clothes, and some electronics need to be in person. gotta make sure if it meet up it your standards. So whiny for a bit but I'm get back to the question Does Micro Center do franchises? If so I would like a to have one in Goodyear,AZ and i would like to run it, if possible?


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    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! Unforunately we do not do any sort of franchising.

    Thank you for providing us a location you think a Micro Center would be great at! I don't really have the pay-grade to make the decision of opening up a location but I can send this to the people that are and see their thoughts and opinions!  

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