Windows Home S Mode Outage

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An issue at Microsoft is causing many users to be unable to switch their PCs from Windows Home S to a standard Windows license.

To remove S mode, you'd go to the Activation Settings and click the link to the "Switch out of S mode" program on the Microsoft Store. After that it's as simple as clicking "Get", then "Yes" to any prompts, and waiting a few minutes.

For some users, the "Get" button is completely absent from the Microsoft Store. For others, including the computers I personally tested, the "Get" button is present and clickable, but the "Yes" button is missing from the prompt. Microsoft is currently aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

Some customers reached out to Microsoft Customer support and spoke to a supervisor. According to them, this has been a known issue for the past two days. Apparently Microsoft has been flooded with calls and support requests in regards to this issue. With these particular customers, Microsoft advised them to return their device to the retailer they had purchased it from and buy a computer with a full version of Windows preinstalled.

Microsoft does not have a timeframe for when this issue will be resolved, but it is a top priority for them.


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