Microcenter Selling Dell Warranties but not registering the machine with Dell



I bought a Dell XPS15 9500 in December of 2020 and was sold a premium 3-year Dell service plan, with on-site service, drop protection...the works.

The battery is now swollen and messing with the keypad. When I went to Dell site to get service, they have no record of this machine being under an extended warranty.

I went into the Cambridge Microcenter, where I bought the machine and warranty and they told me I had to go to Dell. I went back to Dell and they said I had to go back

to MicroCenter as no warranty was ever registered or paid for this machine.

I've called microcenter several times and gave them the Reference number from the receipt and their records show the 3-year protection plan and was told they would

take care of it by contacting Dell and then me. They flat out lied as Dell has not been contacted by Microcenter regarding the warranty they sold me nor have they reached out

to me.

I'm pretty fed up. I've posted messages to them several times but have received no response.

Does anyone know how to get someone from Microcenter to respond to cases like this, where a warranty was sold but not honored?

My last resort will be small claims court.

Have others experienced the same problem, having been sold a fradullant warranty? If so I'd love to hear from you as this may be a class action suite.

Thank you.


  • JS_MC
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    Hello @Jackey

    I'm so sorry to hear about this experience that you're having while trying to use your Dell service plan.

    I've reached out to our store for an update on this. I do see you reached out to us about this as you said and I apologize for not giving you a realistic expectation for the time it may take to resolve this issue.

    The good news is that we were able to reach out to Dell about this! Typically, it can take a matter of days for Dell to process our request, however, we have asked that they expedite this request.

    I can assure you that the service plan you purchased from Dell is not fraudulent and that we have taken steps to get this resolved for you. Again, my apologies for not giving updates prior to this response.

    If you have any further concerns about this, please feel free to message me directly.

  • Jackey

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    I'll check on the warranty status now keeping in mind there may be some delay.


  • JS_MC

    Happy to help!

    If I get any additional information on my end I'll be sure to reach out to you directly.

  • Jackey

    Well, it's July 28th now and though MicroCenter told me they would expedite getting the warranty I bought activateI' with Dell, Dell still has no record of it.

    So, now I've

    been cheated and lied to and now lied to again as Microcenter's way of making it right.

    What gives with this company? I've never experienced such poor customer service ever.

    LandShark, WTF? If there is no corporate integrity there? Is that a thing of the past? What about personal integrity? is that gone too?

  • JS_MC

    Hey @Jackey

    I'm reaching out to Dell to see what the issue might be. My last correspondence shows that this was resolved on their end.

    I'll be creating a formal ticket in our system regarding this issue. Please expect an email from us regarding this ticket.

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