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Hello Micro Center,

I have been looking to upgrade my computer for a while now.  I have seen many videos about your stores.  However, I live in Northern California, near the Bay Area where the closest store is in LA.  I'm sure that this has been suggested before, but what are the chances that you will open a store in the Bay Area?  If you don't currently have plans, I highly suggest that you open one in the area.  Also, what are the restrictions and criteria for opening a new location?


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    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! Thank you for providing us a location you think a Micro Center would be great at! I sadly don't have the pay-grade to make the decision of opening up a location but I will send your suggestion over to the proper teams for consideration! 

  • iandavies

    Hey Ian,

    I learned recently that there was once a Micro Center in the Bay Area that sadly closed around 2012. I'm really devastated to have discovered this unfortunate news and am bummed out that once this location closed, Micro Center never returned. Now in the place of this once beautiful tech store sits another Walmart. I really hope that Micro Center gives Silicon Valley another chance! The reason they left originally was because of a price increase on their lease that wasn't economically viable, but I think if Micro Center looked in the right places, they can find a good location to put a Micro Center. Silicon Valley is huge and there are always buildings that need businesses in them, which is why I wish that Micro Center would give us another chance. After all, we are a huge tech area and could benefit from having more selection in our tech stores. The flyer left on the door gave hope that Micro Center would continue to look for options in the Bay Area, but nothing has come to fruition yet.

    Just thought I would put in my two cents about Lucas's idea. I love Micro Center but I'm bummed that they left us and never came back. Please consider sending in my suggestion to the proper teams as well!

  • Lambdaben

    I was there as an associate when this store closed, it was a sad day indeed.....

  • EnTerr
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    any year now! 😍

    but seriously - there are indications it would be happening - that place has been chosen and general manager is being hired, see https://reddit.com/r/bayarea/comments/18ozdiz/microcenter_is_opening_in_santa_clara

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