People using return policy to harvest parts and return incomplete product? (on Lian Li Galahads)

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I'm frustrated now after getting an open-box Lian Li Galahad 360 with incomplete parts (read: missing LGA 1700 bracket the Part A in the following image, missing M3 Screws of Part B in the following image, missing the spring-nut circled blue in the following image to lock the actual waterblock!),

and then now, received a Lian Li Galahad 240 with this set of hardware:

Great, the LGA 1700 bracket is there, the M3 screws are there, ... but wait, where are the other AM4/Intel bracket, and more importantly, the spring-nut (the blue-circled ones in the instructions) are missing again! Not to forget a whole bunch of short screws missing and a liberally-spent syringe of left-over thermal paste.

People are abusing the "accepting returns without checking fully whether it's actually complete piece of product" policy Micro Center apparently has. You CAN'T MOUNT the waterblock without the spring-nut part here, folks.

I was fine with open boxes, as long as they are an actually complete product. This... is the second strike-out in 4 days. Mind you, I took a peek at a 3rd Open Box, another Galahad 360 ... it was missing ALL of the bracket hardware meant around the CPU, fans already attached to the radiator. So in effect, 3 useless Open Boxes in 4 days.

Is this going to be a pattern? A rhetorical question because I did a quick search for Galahad and finding multiple hits on the same issue, but still, is this going to be the store chain policy?

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