Can a new microcenter be built within north Arkansas in the Ozarks?

There is a massive influx of tech jobs within the surrounding areas, and I have never been to a micro center just because of the sheer 4-6 hour distance it takes to get to one, being the St. Louis one the closest of them by far.

I live in Baxter County, AR, where there's nothing but banks, storage units, and churches. The only and biggest thing we have in our area within at least a hour radius from me is a walmart. And the worst part is that more of them keep spawning in. Anything new we see built here is one of these three things.
It seems the only thing people do around here when opening businesses is copying other business that already exists. Home depot? Lets build a Lowes. Pizza hut? Lets build a dominos, papa johns, pizza inn, 2 other fired homede pizza places, and a little ceasers within a 5 mile radius on literally the same road. All but 2 cars show up at Pizza Inn just because there's too much competition.

We need a place without competition. Something that hasn't been done before. Something big. No big business wants to do it and it doesn't make sense. Land here is handed out like candy, and its just as easy to keep it.

We have no repair shops either. We did, but they closed down due to poor management, mistreatment of their workers, and mistreatment of other people's electronics. I know people who have worked at these said places. That being said, we have NO place for repair or buying tech within a couple hour radius anymore. The closest we have is a gamestop the size of a shed and a Walmart. If we needed anything repaired, anybody in our area would have to drive probably 3-4 hours out or ship their electronics that need repair.

 Because Walmart is all we seem to really have, the one in Mountain Home, AR happens to be one of the most profitable Walmarts in the whole chain, and that statistic is stated blatantly if looked for.

Anybody in our area who wants a tech job ends up having to work at the local hospital or fighting for one at a smaller place. There's no variation in job availability in the tech field here, and there needs to be. The industry in the area and surrounding ones wants to boom, and it will if its let. There's a state college no more than 7 miles away from Walmart, and it specializes in health and tech.

We need a microcenter somewhere here. It can be a hour away. It can be right here in my area. Harrison AR, Springfield, somewhere in Baxter County, Fayetteville AR.. somewhere.


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    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! Thank you for providing us a location you think a Micro Center would be great at! I don't really have the pay-grade to make the decision of opening up a location but I can send this to the people that are and see their thoughts and opinions! 

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