MAJOR RED FLAG!!! Microcenter sold us a 3090 graphics card with NO serial number


My partner and I have been customers and we trusted the store with all our technology need! However, back in Oct 2021 we purchased my partner's 3090 Graphics Card with the 2 yr protection plan. It was his baby and he loved it. Upon opening it we noticed that there was no serial number on the card. We thought for a sec to go back to the store and ask why there were no serial number. (We've been tech geeks all our lives so we know that these serial numbers are important). But a thought had in our mind that maybe asus changed their way of stickers etc.

Fast Forward, our room has been heating up due to the graphics card overheating- my partner wanted to return it and maybe downgrade or upgrade depending on what the Tustin branch had to offer. He was told that they couldn't accept the insurance since there was no serial number on the card. We explained that there was no sticker, since there was no adhesive residue on the card- aside from that we couldn't have removed it since we are very careful with our tech. We are currently going back and forth with support and the branch (the branch is taking longer to help us on our escalated case).

I was wondering if you guys have any experience of being sold a product with an invalid protection plan?

We felt cheated. but we're hoping to hear back from them.


  • TSKevinG

    Good Afternoon @skabalino

    Thank you for contacting micro center. I do apologize for the issues you have been having with the graphics card. I am sending a message directly over to you so we can get so more information on the purchase of the item.

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