Not sure what is even happening. Please help?


Not sure what is going on lately with my PC. Recently, I've been having graphics hang ups, black screens, and just straight up crashes on a few different games. The reason for this post though is during a recent League of Legends ARAM game, both monitors I have hooked up went black, and then flashed something about NVIDIA briefly, before all my applications came back up on my screen. The problem with this is I have an AMD Radeon 6800 XT graphics card by Power Color... what is happening? How can I fix my computer? I was thinking maybe running through optimization of BIOS/power settings but I'm not sure how, or if that would even be correct. Please give me your ideas. I'm begging you.


  • Bodasactra

    I can only say what I would do and I am simply an enthusiast not a professional. While what I suggest here is considered basic and safe its at your own risk. I would do a thorough clean uninstall of the GPU drivers. There is a third party app recommended by most of the reputable tech channels on YouTube that does this better than the standard AMD uninstaller included with their driver updater app. Its called Display Driver Uninstaller:

    Uninstall the GPU drivers and then reinstall the newest AMD GPU drivers. Read the release notes and known issues, your problem and a workaround may be listed or the new drivers may simply resolve the issue. Report the issue to AMD while there if your problen is not in the known issues, they can't fix something wrong with drivers if nobody reports them.

    If the issue persist search your local files for anything NVIDIA, you may have inadvertently installed one of their apps and its causing a conflict. Other third party GPU software may also be conflicting with the AMD drivers. Motherboard makers, case brands, other GPU brands all have these GPU overclock apps like MSI Afterburner or NZXT CAM, the list is as long as PC part makers. Make sure none of these are running in the task manager background. If they are, go into services from the task manager and disable them. The fact a NVIDIA logo appeared seems like a good indicator you have some app from them running in the background.

    If that fails so starts the processes of elimination. What changes did you recently make, what did you install before the issue, what does the Windows event viewr logs tell. Then onto potential hardware issues. Use the app Hardwareinfo to get real time monitoring of all your hardware. I would pay special attention to heat and power stats while repeating the actions when the problems arise, play the game and watch the app. This should give some clue where the problem is originating without physically testing parts through pull and replace testing (testing with another PSU, GPU, etc. to see if one of those are failing).

    I think you have a driver issue, I remember reading something about your issues with AMD 6000 GPUs and multi monitor set ups in driver release notes known issues. If I recall it had something to do with enhanced V sync, they had a workaround, turn that feature off. In any event, good luck.

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