Can I sell a used item to microcenter?


I've recently bought a new keyboard to replace my old keyboard but I have no where to turn to as none of my friends want to buy and so I was wondering if microcenter would take it off my hands as i've never used anything like Ebay, Mercari, Etc to sell.


  • elcurr


    Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, Micro Center does not purchase used items, but you can bring your used and old electronics into the store and we will recycle them for you!

  • Ian
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    We have exciting news to share for anyone who may find this post! We now offer trade-ins for video cards (GPUs) previously purchased from Micro Center after an in-store consultation of the card's condition and performance. Full details on this trade-in service for video cards (GPUs) can be found at

    Outside of previously purchased video cards at Micro Center, we do not offer any additional trade-in or buy-back services.

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