Amount refunded when using a coupon? (Multiple items purchased)

Hey there, if I bought a few items and a $25 coupon was split amongst them instead of againsy the total, but I was returning just one, would I receive the full amount of that item or the discounted price and essentially lose that value of the coupon too? 

Example: $220 item/bundle - $6 coupon = $214 paid price
$680 item -$19 = $661 discounted price 

If I returned the $680 item, would I receive $680 or the $661? (Plus tax) 

I'm just asking because the receipt shows it this way, so I assume you could possibly give back what the line item was, but I know your policy says full amount. I'm also coming from out of town, so just want to make sure and not have any surprises. 



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