Building a PC from scratch


Hello all, am finally tired of out-of-the-box workstations and putting together my first DIY workstation (mostly will be using it for motion graphics and video editing with the occasional 3D Cinema4D Renders) - have I missed out on anything here before I hit the buy button and anything else that you would recommend to swap out / upgrade etc. Thanks all for the input in advance.


  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @marf2022

    Thank you for contacting micro center. So looking at the build you have here you have everything you would need for the computer for it to run. the only thing i do not see in the list is windows itself. do you already have a windows license for the computer?

  • marf2022

    Thanks - yes I do will be transferring over the current PC license, as wont be using this one any longer. Thanks.

  • marf2022

    Also i don't want it to just run - I want it ideally be a beast workstation for at least 5 years or more - if there's anything that needs to change in the above config am happy to swap things around. Thanks.

  • Aodhan_Gorman

    One thing that may impact your 5-year goal is the next big wave of hardware releases. The 7000 series from AMD and 13th Gen from Intel are right around the corner. 12th Gen Intel motherboards are already putting the X570 board you have on this list out of date let alone the entire new chipset the Ryzen 7000 will need meaning you have no upgrade potential with X570. If you need something right now, I'd say 12th Gen Intel is the long term buy because you can upgrade immediately to DDR5 and then 13th Gen in a few years. If you can hold out though, Ryzen 7000 and the new series of DDR5 compatible motherboards are surely the most promising long-term platforms. Also, for the kind of workflow you are doing a 3090 is a worthwhile upgrade over the 3080 purely for the increase in video RAM. The 3090 TI on the other hand would only result in minimal improvement.

  • Shoan041
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    First off, I agree with what Aodhan was saying above. If you do need it immediately, then that PSU is way to high wattage for a single GPU. If you are doing it as is then you should do an 850w. If you are doing one of the 12gen builds then a 1000w PSU would be good. You miss the bell curve of efficiency if you go too low or too high. Your PSUs max wattage should be 2x the running wattage of your parts. I recommend going into your local Micro Center and talking with a BYO sales rep, to help you pick out the best deals and parts available for when you are ready to get your parts!

  • marf2022

    Thank you @Aodhan_Gorman an and @Shoan041 this is pure gold info for me being a newbie DIY PC builder - I am in no rush currently and can hold out for a few more months for the new AMD series - do you have any recommendation for a compatible motherboard or too early to say - I did want a single 3090 Ti (not sure why i selected the 3080) to start with and then potentially in a few months add in another one hence the 1600W PSU.

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