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Hello, first time using the custom pc builder in micro center. I'm aiming for a gaming pc with the capability to do some streaming, and video editing with Adobe suites. 1440p with at least 90 fps for World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, and Minecraft is the major goal. I'd like to stick with AMD for both CPU and GPU, and I do need 32GB RAM and 2TB SSD for my other operations. The budget is around $1.6k to $1.7k but can be topped at around $2,000 if necessary, not including other accessories and peripherals.

Please let me know which parts need optimization. Also, opinions on if the upcoming zen 4 will be overkill or a better choice on this one will also be appreciated.

Thank you.


  • magarity
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    That looks good to me except the cooler will come with thermal paste, so you don't need that extra tube.
  • Aodhan_Gorman

    While I myself use AMD's parts for the Adobe suite, I purchased my components before intel's 11th and 12th gen came out. At that time, AMD's multithreaded performance was so much higher than intel's that it only made sense to stick with AMD because of the cost/performance ratio. But the CPU/GPU landscape is a lot different these days and Adobe's heavy favoritism for both Intel and Nvidia both through Intel Quick Sync and Nvidia's NVENC and Tensor Cores means you are most likely leaving a large chunk of performance on the table while only sacrificing power efficiency and thermal performance.

    But otherwise, the 5800x and 6700xt are both still great bang for buck. I would bump the RAM up to a 3600 CL16 kit to really squeeze all the performance you can out of the processor over longer renders. And the thermal paste isn't totally necessary but the stock paste on the X53 is so-so so it's not bad to pick up for the few extra bucks.

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