Online ordering on Dallas web site a bit of a fiasco now


We visit Microcenter regularly - at least weekly, sometimes several times. We reserve online, and pick up in store, used to be a breeze...

...except NOW it isn't. We cannot reserve anymore, we have to pay in full. Which I could do, except... you cannot pay with your Microcenter card. So to get what I need without a scavenger hunt in the store and long checkout, I have to order it, pay for it on another card, then RETURN it all and re-ring it on the Microcenter card. This is a pain, and we are growing impatient with it. So is the store staff, who understandingly commiserate with us but have no ability to make changes.

Whoever came up with this needs to either 1) make sure you take *your own card in payment* on the web checkout, or 2) give us the ability to just reserve. This change is currently implemented in the worst way possible...

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