Readyview NVR System Message " The numbers of cameras reached the upper limit"



  • Fireators

    How do I get past the System Message " The numbers of cameras reached the upper limit", with only 5 cameras currently connected to my WD Readyview NVR and trying to add 6th Camera. Seems as though the IPs are locked onto the ports and the NVR is assigning a different IP than Listed on the port.

  • Fireators

    Cameras on Ports D1 - D5 are connected but get System Message "The numbers of cameras reached the upper limit" when trying to add 6th camera and it tries to Assign IP to new camera, When port is showing on port D6. Anyone have any information on this old WD Readyview system NVR. I like the system but it has glitches when comes to adding cameras for sure. I have access direct connected with monitor to NVR, Web Access and the App Access.

  • Ian

    Are you able to use the "Custom Add" function and type in the IP manually to set up the 6th camera? As long as there are less than 8 cameras listed on the main camera screen, it should allow you to add it in.

  • I ended up connecting my 3 spare cameras up to a separate 8 port POE switch along with my computer. I then used WD Readyview Tool once Computer got an IP and did scan for all connected cameras and saw what IPs were for those. Then did reset on each camera one at a time and then rescanned with WD tools and saw IP had changed to one provided by switch. Then went back to NVR and plugged a spare camera into an open port and did the same Reset proccess, one camera at a time and they all came online once they got their IP for that port of NVR. Ports originally had IPs through .09. At some point there was a duplicate .02 IP and I got D3 back then to connect somehow with IP and then D4 with .0.11. So I think it was always an IP issue and if I could have figured out how to log into NVR and clear ARP tables or MAC and IP combinations, issue could have been resolved and Cameras would be .02 through.09 again.

    Here's reset process that works for me: Power cycled cameras one at a time by pulling ethernet cord and plugging back in after 10 seconds. Waited until red light came on and went back off first time, about 10 seconds. As soon as the red light went out I pushed and held reset button on back of camera until red light came back on in flashing mode and then went back out and came back on again, about 15-20 seconds and then released button. This caused that camera to get new IP from NVR.

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