Computer overheating Intel i7- 10700K suddenly running very hot.

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We built a PC a year ago. Purchased all the parts at our local Micro Center. The build had an MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi board, an Intel Core i7-10700k LGA1200 processor, and Lian li Galahad AIO 240 water cooler and an EVGA 850 super nova power supply (Gskill ram and Samsung NVMe) running Windows 10 . Everything worked like a dream for a little over a year but all of the sudden out of the blue, all of the fans have begun firing up. They will fire on when we open Steam or play a low graphics game like League of Legends (medium graphics setting). When I say all the fans, it is everything - the front of the box, the water cooler and even the fans on the GPU are firing up (AMD Radeon RX6800 Red Dragon GPU). We have noticed that the air coming out of the water cooler fans is not warm at all (maybe this is normal). We downloaded core temp 1.17.1 and the cores are hitting 95 degrees+. I am wondering if the water cooler is not getting good contact or if something is not right there. This was our first build, so we certainly could have done something wrong, but I wouldn't think it would take a year to show up. Also, no dust in the box or on the fans. Would love any help.


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    If the air coming from your liquid cooler is not warm, that means liquid is not circulating properly through the radiator. This is most likely because the pump on your AIO has failed. I would highly suggest not running the system under these circumstances until you could confirm that the pump is functional, any longer running with the pump not working could cause damage to your CPU as well! My suggestion would be to bring it into your micro center to have them confirm this, it is pretty difficult to diagnose that without hearing seeing it in person on that kind of issue. You could try to videotape or record audio from inside the system to see if we can hear the pump moving as well, but bring it in would be the most reliable way to determine your problem.

  • Leigh
    Thank you!  We will avoid running it and take it in.  I will circle back to the post when I know more.  Thanks again!
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