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Hello, could you guys give me a quote on what this would cost to build. I checked a month ago and most of the parts were in stock at MC. I went to buy them today and you were out of stock of a lot of things. I ended up buying online but want you guys to build it for me. Here are the photos of what i got

. Thank you!!


  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @Erik_D

    Thank you for contacting micro center. So for the build service i would not be able to give an exact price for this. however below is a link showing the different tiers of build for computer and the starting price for each level. Once service has all the parts in store they would let you know the exact price for this.

  • w8deywins


    Thank you for expressing interest in our services! Your local Micro Center can definitely build your dream rig! Pretty much everything in this build is looking good, except for the AIO Liquid Cooler and/or the case. With the current case selected, the Corsair 420mm AIO will not fit inside that MUSETEX case. The case only has support for up to a 240mm AIO. So if you really like this case, then you would need to select a different 240 AIO. I recommend going with the Corsair H100i Elite Capellix if you want to keep that case. If you're really interested in the current 420 AIO selected, you would need to change your case, but a 420 AIO for the i5-12600k isn't necessary. A 240mm or 280mm AIO would be perfect for this CPU. I think the best thing for your build would be to go into your local micro center and talk with a BYO associate about how you want your build to be setup like AIO position, did you want to upgrade to an i7 for more matched performance with your GPU, how many fans did you want to swap out and sync up, did you want to use multiple software's or just one, etc. I think these are important questions you should discuss with a BYO associate and Service Tech to make sure everyone is on the same page and still be the build of your dreams.

    Thank you for choosing Micro Center!

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